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  • What is the NDSS?

    The National Diabetes Services Scheme (NDSS) is a government initiative providing support and services to people living with diabetes so they can better understand and self-manage their condition.

    The NDSS provides free and subsidised products and services to people living with diabetes who are registered with it. Free products include syringes and pen needles, while subsidised products include blood and urine testing strips.

    Who can register for the NDSS?

    Registration with the NDSS is free and open to all Australians who are:

    • Residents of Australia
    • Have been diagnosed with diabetes by a medical practitioner, and
    • Who hold a current Australian Medicare card or Department of Veterans’ Affairs file number.
  • What services are available through the NDSS?

    There are a range of services you can access, including:

    • Information to build confidence, knowledge and skills in managing your diabetes
    • Programs and activities
    • Fact sheets and other resources about diabetes

    For further information, or to find out what NDSS Support Services are available in your local area, call the NDSS Helpline on 1300 136 588 or email

  • How do I register for the NDSS?

    Registration with the NDSS is free and open to all Australians who are:

    • Residents of Australia
    • Have been diagnosed with diabetes by a medical practitioner, and
    • Who hold a current Australian Medicare card or Department of Veterans’ Affairs file number.

    To register, you need to:

    • Complete the registration form. If you are under 15 years old or are an adult receiving continuing care, your primary guardian or carer will need to complete the ‘Guardian or carer’ section of the form
    • Have the registration form certified by a registered medical practitioner such as your doctor, endocrinologist or credentialled diabetes educator, and
    • Email the registration form to or send it by mail to:

    Diabetes Australia, GPO Box 9824 in your capital city.

    For more information about registering for the NDSS, call the Helpline on 1300 136 588 or email

  • What benefits does Diabetes NSW & ACT offer members?

    For 80 years Diabetes NSW & ACT has been devoted to helping people living with diabetes. As a member of our community you will have access to information and services that will help you to understand and manage your diabetes. Our range of benefits include:

    • The latest health information delivered to your mailbox through our leading publications,
    • Access to over 800 metro and regional events where you can connect with others and learn about diabetes management,
    • Access to advice over the phone from our highly qualified health professionals and
    • Discounts at our online store.
  • How much does membership cost?

    As a charity we strive to be economical so that we can devote as much of our resources as possible to the vital services our members value. To save time and money we have a single date of renewal for all our memberships: 30 June. The cost of your membership depends on the date you join.

    The pricing structure for new members is as follows:

      Year Month Concession Full
    1 2018 July  $      32.00  $ 58.00
    2 2018 August  $      30.00  $ 54.00
    3 2018 September  $      27.00  $ 49.00
    4 2018 October  $      24.00  $ 44.00
    5 2018 November  $      22.00  $ 39.00
    6 2018 December  $      19.00  $ 34.00
    7 2019 January  $      49.00  $ 89.00
    8 2019 Febraury  $      47.00  $ 85.00
    9 2019 March  $      44.00  $ 80.00
    10 2019 April  $      41.00  $ 75.00
    11 2019 May  $      39.00  $ 70.00
    12 2019 June  $      36.00  $ 65.00

    Please note: If you join between July and December 2018 your Membership will be valid until 30 June 2019. If you join between January and June 2019 your Membership will be valid until 30 June 2020.

    Please call our helpline on 1300 342 238 if you require assistance or have additional questions about the cost of membership.

  • Is there a concessional discount?

    Yes. The following cards will entitle you to a concessional discount:

    • DVA Gold
    • DVA Orange
    • DVA White
    • Healthcard
    • Pensioner
    • Student
    • Unemployment
    • Seniors Card

     To receive the discounts you will need to provide us with the following information

    • your card type,
    • number and
    • expiry date.
  • Do I receive discounts as a member of Diabetes NSW & ACT?

    As a member of diabetes NSW & ACT you receive a 10 per cent discount on all items purchased at

    You also have access to more than 800 free and discounted events which run across metropolitan and regional areas.

  • What is the difference between my NDSS card and my Diabetes NSW & ACT membership?

    The National Diabetes Services Scheme (NDSS) is an Australian Government initiative providing support for people living with diabetes. When you are registered with the NDSS you have access to subsidies for diabetes-related products such as needles and syringes, as well as educational programs and services.

    Diabetes NSW & ACT is a member-based charity dedicated to helping improve the lives of people living with diabetes, as well as their families, friends and carers. With a range of exclusive benefits, membership gives you access to important tools to better manage your diabetes and helps the diabetes community by funding advocacy and essential research.

  • How can I pay for my membership?

    There are a number of ways to pay for your membership including:


    You can join or renew your membership online using your Visa, Mastercard or AMEX credit or debit card.

    To join Diabetes NSW & ACT online simply complete this form

    To renew your membership complete this form (hyperlink to renewal form).


    If you would like to transfer your Membership Fee via BPAY please call our Helpline on 1300 342 238 and our friendly staff will provide you with a BPAY Biller Code and Reference Number.


    Send your cheque payable to:

    Diabetes NSW & ACT

    Reply Paid GPO Box 9824

    Sydney NSW 2001


    If you’d prefer to speak to one of our friendly staff, call us today on 1300 342 238 to join or renew your membership.

  • What will my membership fees be used for?

    Your membership fees will be invested into programs and initiatives designed to help and improve the lives of Australians living with diabetes. These include:

    • Supporting ongoing diabetes research,
    • Delivering metro and regional events for the diabetes community,
    • Providing access to health professionals who provide expert advice on diabetes,
    • Advocating on your behalf and
    • Publishing materials relevant to people with diabetes.

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